Environmental Assessment and Management


Environmental Assessment and Management

Katsifarakis K., Mylopoulos I., Kolokitha E.


The briefing and thorough examination of the following subjects:

  • The overall problem of the environment and the global environmental problems.
  • The relation of development and environment up to today according to the modern principles of sustainable development.
  • The methods of environmental evaluation and management in the context of sustainable development.
  • The practicing in making assessments of environmental impacts.


After the successful attendance of the course the postgraduate student should be capable of:

  • Conceiving the severity of global environmental problems at a global and local level.
  • Understanding the dynamic correlation and interdependence between development and environment and comprehending the value of the principles of sustainable development.
  • Knowing the historical evolution and the causes that led to the current environmental degradation and to the reversal of ecological balance.
  • Knowing the global action taken to confront the environmental problem.
  • Conceiving the value of the methodological approaches to the integrated environmental management, the management of demand of natural resources and the decentralized and participatory environmental management.
  • Conceiving the compatibility of the environmental management and assessment methods under the principles of sustainable development.
  • Comprehending the mechanisms and methods of control and protection of the environment
  • Conceiving the role of rational management of energy resources in protecting the environment.
  • Understanding the general principles of the national and international legislation for environmental assessment and management.
  • Carrying-out a study on environmental impacts in its basic form.


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