Environmental and Energy Approach to Buildings

Title Environmental and Energy Approach to Buildings
Tsikaloudaki E., Theodosiou Th., Bikas D.


The acquisition of knowledge for the identification, study and confrontation of impacts caused on the environment by the planning, manufacture, operation, maintenance and demolition of buildings, as well as the acquisition of deep knowledge and relevant experience concerning matters of bio-climatic planning of buildings and residential areas, in order to construct buildings with low energy consumption and consequently low negative environmental impacts.


  • Planning residential areas, free urban spaces and buildings with bio-climatic criteria, so that the proper environmental conditions are ensured at all levels and the cost reduction in energy consumption and, consequently, in negative environmental impacts caused by greenhouse gases is achieved.
  • Having a strong opinion on the interaction of buildings and the environment.
  • Knowing the possibilities of minimization of the total environmental impact caused by the construction and use of building and evaluating it through the application of suitable methods
  • Contributing to the design of buildings using criteria of energy saving and environmental protection and the application of environmental-friendly materials and technologies.


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