The main objectives of the programme

The promotion of interdisciplinary knowledge and research in the field of environment and sustainable development

The provision of a high-quality postgraduate education and the promotion of a positive attitude and behaviour regarding the sensitive issues of environmental protection and sustainable development

The training of new graduates and professionals aiming at the upgrade of the human potential of the country in the context of a dynamic economic and technological development policy.

The intensive specialization in the relevant vital issues aiming at the formation of well-equipped graduates from the programme and providing them with suitable means for professional careers in the public or private sector or for the continuation of their postgraduate studies at the doctorate level.


The Department of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.) offers a postgraduate programme entitled "Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development". This specific programme, which lasts a full academic year, has as its major task the rapid specialization of civil or other engineers as well as of graduates of related disciplines in the technology of environmental protection as well as in socio-economic and institutional matters concerning directly the environmental planning and the impact of projects and actions on the sustainable development.

The postgraduate degree

Successful completion of the postgraduate
programme leads to the acquisition of a
postgraduate diploma in "Environmental
Protection and Sustainable
Development" provided by the Civil
Engineering Department of A.U.Th.

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