Homogenization Courses

Homogenization courses are structured so that they serve the following objectives:

(a) the enrichment of knowledge of the postgraduate students of the programme “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development ” who are not civil engineers in specific scientific and technological subjects which constitute the basic background knowledge of some postgraduate courses of the programme and (b) the familiarization of the specific postgraduate students with the scientific and technological fields in question in order to facilitate their selection of the elective courses.

The homogenization courses offered by the Postgraduate Programme “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development ” are the following:




EPSD.O1 Elements of Environmental Chemistry Darakas E.
Tsiridis V.

EPSD.O2 Elements of Water Resources Theodosiou N.
Fotopoulou E.

EPSD.O3 Elements of Oceanography and Coastal Mechanics Karambas Th.

EPSD.Ï4 Elements of Geology and Geomechanics Bakasis I.

All homogenization courses are taught in the winter semester and are not contributing to any grade. However, a certification of attendance in these courses can be provided on demand.

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