The Postgraduate Programme ôEnvironmental Protection and Sustainable Management ö consists of two terms of course studies and a thesis. The course studies concern the attendance of and the successful examination in postgraduate courses. Each individual course lasts a semester. Instruction in the courses includes lectures, laboratory work, elaboration and presentation of projects and seminars. The preparation of a thesis, which concerns a specialised study, takes place in the summer period, following the spring semester.

The list of the courses offered by the programme and the corresponding instructive teams are given below. The aim and the objectives of each course can be found by selecting its title.



EPSD.1 Environmental Assessment and Management Katsifarakis K.
Mylopoulos I.
Kolokitha E.

EPSD.2 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Latinopoulos P.
Latinopoulos D.
Mallios Z.

EPSD.3 Decision and Risk Analysis Kalfakakou G.
Alexiou D.
Aretoulis G.
Xenidis I.

EPSD.4a ┴cquisition, Processing and Management of Environmental Data: Geographic Information Systems Savvaidis P.
Ifadis I.

EPSD.4b ┴cquisition, Processing and Management of Environmental Data: Photogrametry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Methods and Systems Lazaridou M.

EPSD.4c ┴cquisition, Processing and Management of Environmental Data: Statistical Methods and Techniques Vafiadis M.

EPSD.5 Sustainable Management of Water Resources Mylopoulos I.
Kolokitha E.
Tolikas D.
Mallios Z.

EPSD.6 Protection and Restoration of Groundwater Latinopoulos P.
Theodosiou N.

EPSD.7 Systems and Technologies for Waste Management Darakas E.
Kungolos A.
Zafirakou A.

EPSD.8 Transportation - Transport Policy and the Environment Pitsiava-Latinopoulou M.
Kehagia F.

EPSD.9 Introduction to Research Methodology Latinopoulos P.

EPSD.10 Environmental aspects of spatial planning Giannakou A.
Thoidou E.

EPSD.11 Integrated coastal zone management Krestenitis I.
Karambas Th.

EPSD.12 Environmental impacts of coastal and marine works Krestenitis I.
Karambas Th.
Loukogeorgaki E.

EPSD.13 Management of Natural Hazards Vafiadis M.
Bakasis I.

EPSD.14 Environmental Geotechnology Raptakis D.
Anastasiadis A.
Bakasis I.

EPSD.15 Environmental and Energy Approach to Buildings

Tsikaloudaki E.
Theodosiou Th.
Bikas D.


From the above courses the ones codified as EPSD.1-EPSD.4 constitute compulsory courses and are taught in the winter semester. From the rest of the courses, those codified as EPSD.5-EPSD.8 and EPSD.10-EPSD.15 constitute elective courses and are taught in the spring semester.

Every postgraduate student has to attend five courses of his choice during the spring semester. EPSD.9 is the sole compulsory course in the spring semester. This specific course is of a seminar character and is not contributing to any grade.

Note: The postgraduate students, whose first academic degree varies from that of a civil engineer, have to attend four additional homogenization courses for the completion of their essential knowledge. More about homogenization courses...

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