Structure and Operation


The educational process of the programme is carried out in its biggest part in an exclusively allocated room in the wing of the Civil Engineering Department of A.U.Th. The specific room has been suitably put into shape and equipped with modern audiovisual means.

The postgraduate students of the programme are allowed to use the central computer lab which operates in the Civil Engineering wing, which comprises a complete and modern network of computers directly connected with the central network of A.U.Th. Other special computer labs of the department are alternatively used, depending on the individual needs of the programme courses.. Each computer post in all labs has a direct access to a rich collection of electronic journals as well as to a plethora of other scientific resources connected to the A.U.Th.

The practice of postgraduate students in specialized courses is also carried out in the modern installations of the nine laboratories of the Civil Engineering Department , the staff of which is directly involved in the educational process of the programme.

Finally, regarding the use of the libraries, the postgraduate students of the programme have direct access to:

(a) The Central Library of A.U.Th.

The departmental libraries operating by the individual departments of A.U.Th


The library of the Civil Engineering Department,

an extensive part of which is especially dedicated to the support of the programme “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development ”.

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