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Related Publications

The following titles are a selection of articles published in conference proceedings, magazines and newspapers with contents more or less related to the Postgraduate Programme “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development ”.

"Development and implementation of a postgraduate course on research methodology for engineers and scientists"
New Trends and Challenges in Civil Engineering Education
(1st EUCEET Association Conference, Patras 2011).
"Postgraduate studies in Greece: The crucial questions"
(PANEPISTIMIOUPOLI, an A.U.Th. publication, 2004 in Greek).
"Engineers and Sustainable Development"
(Newspaper Thessaloniki, 2004 in Greek).
""The Environmental Education in the Department of Civil Engineering A.U.Th." (HELECO Conference, Athens, 2003 in Greek). (HELECO Conference, Athens, 2003 in Greek).
"The value of the environment" (Newspaper MAKEDONIA, 2003 in Greek).
"Environmental education: A challenge for the university"
(ANALEKTA, an A.U.Th. publication, 2003 in Greek).
"Balancing traditional and new education approaches within a postgraduate programme in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development"
(EUCEET-ECCE International Conference, Sinaia, 2001).
"Lifelong learning for Civil Engineers in Europe: An overview"
(5th AECEF Symposium, Helsinki, 2005)
"Postgraduate studies and research"
(POLYMICHANO, an A.U.Th. publication, 2008 - in Greek)



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